Zyporex is one of the most talked about acne treatments, because it’s one of the more serious competitors. Sorry kids, but benzoyl peroxide just isn’t that great anymore. Everybody uses it, and unless you have something else to show for yourself, I’m inclined to say that it’s not really going to do much for you, considering the fact that most don’t use enough. Granted, that’s true of just about every major acne fighting ingredient, including those found in Zyporex.

But that’s what separates the good acne face wash from the bad isn’t it? The amounts matter. How does the Zyporex acne scrub measure up?

The Unique Blend

Zyporex uses a unique blend of natural acne fighting ingredients, making it a pretty powerful acne face wash, at least in theory. It has ingredients like tea tree oil, a powerful antibacterial, as well as vitamin A and witch hazel just to name a few of the key approaches.

But it also has quite a few less conventional approaches. It uses multipurpose ingredients that calm and soothe the skin, reducing the redness that at least to me, looks a lot like acne. But ironically, the average acne face wash causes redness instead of fighting it. Some use safe key ingredients and still cause this problem because of all of the fillers. But Zyporex is different. Zyporex avoids things that might cause problems and then simultaneously works to undo damage that has been done before.

The Right Amounts

This is the other part of Zyporex that works. It uses the clinically proven amounts of everything. Because of this, Zyporex is more likely than most other acne scrubs to work. In fact, it could be the best acne face wash or at least one of the best.

How Much is Zyporex?

Each bottle of Zyporex, which can last you up to a few months at a time, sells for only $29.99. But I would suggest using it for body acne too. It will still last about a month or sometimes more, and if you’re going to fight acne, you might as well fight all types of acne on your body. For just $29.99, you can certainly afford to.

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