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X-Out is an acne medicine, targeted towards teens, purported to “blast out acne bacteria” with its active ingredients and “icy slap” cooling effect.

XOut.com claims X-Out is America’s #1 acne treatment system, touted for its easy 1-step face-application process. “X-Out fits your crazy busy life by doing the zit fighting you need in 1 simple step.”

“Just keep using X-Out twice a day, and you can be on your way to clear skin,” explains the website.

With several manufacture claims and testimonial videos listed on Xout.com, I decided to look closer at the ingredients.

What Is In X-Out?

There are several ingredients in X-Out:

Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate. Sodium Cocyl Isethionate is a surfactant-cleansing agent from coconut oil and sulfonic acid. [1] It is shown to have excellent skin compatibility. [2]

Vitro and vivo studies prove sodium cocoyl isethionate is less damaging to skin than soaps and surfactants like sodium dodecyl sulfate. Sodium cocoyl isethionate forms large micelles which respect the skin barrier. [3]

Polyethylene Beads. Polyethylene beads are used as exfoliating agents to remove dead skin. However, polyethylene is also an ocean pollutant because its ability to transport phenanthrene, a fossil fuel burning byproduct. [4]

Linoleic Acid. Linoleic acid offers moisturizing and healing support to skin. It also makes the skin softer and fights acne. [5] High linoleic and vitamin C levels combined with low carbohydrate and fat levels are associated with healthier skin. [6]

Glycerin. Glycerin is a humectant. It moisturizes the skin by drawing water into the outer skin layer. [7] Glycerin improves skin function, appearance, and enables proper skin cell maturation.[8]

Menthol. Menthol, the main ingredient in peppermint, cools and soothes skin. [9] But, I could not find any clinical studies supporting menthol’s effect on acne.

Benzoyl Peroxide. Benzoyl Peroxide is a strong antibacterial ingredient. It fights acne by eliminating acne-causing bacteria. But, it also causes the skin to dry and peel. [10]

Recommended Use

XOut.com suggests using X-Out twice a day. It is recommended to be used sparingly for the first 3 days to assess effects. If no discomfort occurs, follow the directions stated.

There are three different ways to use X-Out.

Apply X-Out to damped skin. Lather for 2 minutes, and then rinse.

Acne Spot Treatment
Apply X-Out on zits and leave for 10 minutes. Then rinse with warm water.

Apply X-Out as a mask on the face. Leave it for 10 minutes, and then rinse with warm water.

Who Is the Manufacturer?

X-Out is manufactured by the makers of Proactiv, Guthy-Renker LLC. Guthy-Renker is beauty and skincare marketing company co-founded by Bill Guthy and Greg Renker in 1988. Guthy-Renker headquarters are located in Santa Monica, California.

Guthy-Renker LLC is accredited by the Better Business Bureau. Currently, there is no rating available due to the BBB updating its files on all businesses in Los Angeles. [11]

Guthy-Renker is also recognized for their innovating advertising techniques. The company received top honors from The Electronic Retailing Association (ERA) for Best Mobile Marketing Campaign, Best Use of Online Video, and Best DR Website Design. [12]

What Are the Side Effects?

Reported X-Out side effects include: [13]

• Dryness
• Rash
• Irritated skin
• Increased sun burn susceptibility
• Itchiness
• peeling

X-Out is not recommended if you have sensitive skin or are sensitive to benzoyl peroxide. Consult a doctor if irritation becomes severe.

Avoid contact with hair and dyed fabrics as this product may bleach them. Also, avoid contact with eyes, lips, and mouth. If it gets in your eyes, gently wash it out with water. If irritation becomes severe, call a doctor.

What Are Users Saying About X-Out?

X-Out customer reviews are mixed.

One user XxSaRaNiCoLexX reviews X-Out on YouTube. She says, “It saves time, and it saves having a shelf full of products for your face.” She describes the smell stinks, smelling like rubber or plastic. She also mentions X-Out dried out her face. However, she explains she didn’t have bad acne in the first place, just occasional breakouts. She ends the review saying, “it does get your skin clean. And for someone who has acne problems, it might be great for you.”

A user on MakeUpAlley.com says:

“Before using this product I didn’t have bad acne but I still had a good amount so I thought this would be good to get rid of them for good, boy was I wrong. I only used [X-out] for about two weeks and I broke out a lot more.”

Lastly, another customer on MakeUpAlley.com states:

“… I can definitely say that it took a good 2-3 months before I began to see my skin clearing. Patience was there which was an absolute must because it paid off big time. At first it caused a lot of redness, which I attribute to myself for not being gentle enough.” She finished by saying, “My skin has gone from constant, significant breakouts to generally clear skin with very small acne recurrences…It isn’t all gone, but a huge improvement over the dozens of zits I had before.”

How Much Is X-Out?

X-out can be purchased through Xout.com.

• X-Out Basic Kit retails for $19.95 per month + free shipping. Users can choose either a 30 or 90 day supply option. Basic Kit includes Acne Wash-In Treatment. Cleansing Bar Bonus is included.

• X-Out Deluxe Kit retails for $29.95 per month + free shipping. Users can choose either a 30 or 90 day supply. Deluxe Kit includes Acne Wash-In Treatment, Spot Corrector, Shine Control. Cleansing Bar Bonus is included.

Final Thoughts on X-Out

Judging from the formula and the reviews, X-Out is not the ideal acne wash. The user reviews show mixed results, and there are several side effects. But, the ingredients are promising, with both antibacterial, moisturizing, and exfoliating ingredients.

X-Out’s three 1-step washing options are unique and cater to specific needs. When considering acne washes, don’t forget about X-Out.


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Consumer Reviews on X-Out

  1. Nottellingmyname-101 Says:

    It just makes my skin red but it cleans it really well and it keeps me from breaking out but doesn’t get rid of acne it just doesn’t allow further acne

  2. Mary Kaufman Says:

    My sons use it sparingly but be warned: X-Out will automatically charge your credit card after the first 30 days and send you a 90-day supply without your permission. They will continue to do so unless you call and cancel. Very tricky, unethical stuff, I think. Very tiny print does explain this benefit to them, now that I went back and looked. My sons opened the box so I never saw the invoice, which “customer service” told me also gave the details on this shenanigans of theirs. I won’t buy it again just for this reason. If I like the product, I’ll continue to reorder it myself, yes? Very unhappy about this.

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