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Created by Evolution-X, Vilantae is compared to Accutane, and they claim that it will give you the oil and acne reducing effects without loose stool, stomach irritation, and headaches or other side effects that Accutane would cause. Apparently, it slows excess oil production rather than stopping it all together, and it’s “extremely effective.” It is meant to prevent acne, reduce pore size, and all with a 100% natural formula.

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Vilantae has the right focus for their aim. Vitamin A does to some degree actually reduce excess oil production. They actually use Coenzyme A which is synthesized from 5 basic groups and can affect the oil production. However, we do not actually see any ingredients that would actively or even theoretically shrink pores. Plus they use a formula in total that would actually be incapable of results.

However, despite their claims about not causing certain side effects, many consumers have complained about their product causing those exact side effects interestingly enough. In short, it doesn’t exactly live up to any of its claims in general terms.

Vilantae is a waste of money, plain and simple. It doesn’t give you the effects you want and need, and it doesn’t make it worth your money in any fashion to buy this product. They compare themselves to Accutane, but in all reality that’s not a good thing. Vilantae in general is not a good thing or a good product.

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Consumer Reviews on Vilantae

  1. Colleen West Says:

    Vilantae is the only acne treatment that solved my daughter’s acne problem. She has tried many many topical systems, using them faithfully as prescribed. She didn’t feel comfortable using Accutane because of the side effects. Vilantae not only stopped the acne–that she has suffered with for 5 years–it DID shrink pores, smooth out the texture (from scarring), and made her skin look beautifully new and fresh. We couldn’t believe it. I am shocked by the review on this site.

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