A new product to hit the skin-care market is an acne fighting toner called Therapores.

This product claims to be safe to use and gentle on the skin so that your face won’t be left more red, dry, and irritated than it started. This product is a combination formula that allows you to combine several steps in your skin-care regimen into one by using this safe and simple product.

According to the manufacturer, this product not only fights acne, but it moisturizes and heals your skin so that acne breakouts are less likely to occur in the future. With these bold claims, we decided to give Therapores a closer look.

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The Formula

Therapores is a unique product because its formula is all-natural and will therefore be gentle on your complexion as it works with your skin to heal itself instead of against your acne (which can cause further problems). Another important aspect of this product is that it contains a balanced formula of acne fighting ingredients and active moisturizing agents so that your skin won’t be left red and dry, but will remain healthy as your acne is fought.

Therapores is a theraputic acne treatment that hydrates and smooths your skin as it heals your acne, it even contains a refreshing and soothing sensation when you apply the product to your skin.

Active Ingredients

The Therapores formula can be broken up into two separate categories. Acne fighting, and skin conditioning.

Acne Fighting ingredients include: Salicylic Acid, Resveratrol, and Hyaluronic Acid. These ingredients are intense but are present in small enough amounts to not harm or overly dry out your skin.

Skin Conditioning ingredients include: Green tea, acia, flax seed, buckwheat, barley, allicin, and aloe vera. Along with being healing agents, many of these ingredients are also antioxidants which will protect your skin from future breakouts by protecting against bacteria and infection.

How Long Does it Take to Heal Acne?

The makers of Therapores promise to show dramatic improvements in your skin within 7 short days. After this week-long period, your skin will not only be more clear, but it will be smoother, better hydrated, and overall healthier.

From the extensive ingredient list, it appears as if these results are not unrealistic. The makers of this product even offer a 100% money-back guarantee that allows you to return the product after you’ve used it completely and if you’re still not happy with your results.

Our Take…

From the balanced ingredient list, well-developed formula, and money-back guarantee, we believe that Therapores is one of the best acne toner with the most complete formula we’ve seen on the market as of late.

The majority of acne treatments we’ve looked at either act as intense acne fighters that leave your skin red and dry, or are simply moisturizers that don’t have the ability to fight acne. With this balanced product, we believe you are bound to see results in a safe and effective way.

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