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Skin Zinc

Skin Zinc

Skin Zinc is apparently steroid free, coal tar free, and otherwise irritant free with no other harmful ingredients. It is feathery light and stain free and comes with a free hydranize moisturizer. They show pictures of psoriasis before and faster and claim that it will give you the advantage you need. It is sold through hundreds of CVS pharmacies across the country.

Price: $59.95

Skin Zinc is meant for itchy, irritated, and bacteria filled skin, and ideally it would also be effective against acne, especially with something that is apparently odorless and colorless. They have a spray and a cream. However, their ingredients are common. They use zinc and salicylic acid as their exclusive and singular active ingredients. These are effective to some degree. But just about every product uses them, and every product does not charge $59.95.

Moreover, they use only small amounts such as 0.25% pyrithione zinc. This is not sufficient to actually produce results, and there are other ingredients in the mix that will actually cause varying side effects. They don’t even bother providing a full ingredients list, and yet they interestingly enough name irritants that would only aggravate the problem at hand.

We would recommend staying away from Skin Zinc. It doesn’t have the potential you are looking for and it can quite frankly cause side effects that you may not have expected. It is not capable of giving you benefits, and accordingly speaking we would recommend trying something else.

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Consumer Reviews on Skin Zinc

  1. Psoriasis Psucks Says:

    Skin Zinc is only $29.95 in stores. Not $59.95. Also, it is not meant for the use of acne treatment. It is specifically formulated to help Psoriasis, dermatitis and dry skin. I work for the company and I also have scalp psoriasis. I have used this product with success on my scalp. It is something that you need to keep up treatment with, but if you use it as instructed, to treat psoriasis, dry skin and dermatitis, you should get results.

  2. Richard sarett Says:

    When ever I used this my excema went away right away. (the cream) Now its spreading and nothing I try makes a difference. I even used a product with the same ingredient supposedly (2% salicylic acid) Maybe cause it had tea tree oil and vitamin E? Whatever the case, I am unhappy its off the market. If anyone’s got any ideas please email me at ricksarett@aim.com Thanks

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