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Proactiv is literally the best known over-the-counter acne treatment available.

It seems as if just about everyone struggling with acne has tried Proactiv at some point in their life, but the results and reviews are mixed.

For some users, it’s all they needed to get rid of their acne, for others, it just didn’t get the job done.

You can find Proactiv in malls across America as well as through the internet and TV infomercials. It was effectively the first treatment to really focus on the idea that their formula was developed by dermatologists, and since then they have always claimed to provide a different kind of 3-step formula.

But is it worth trying?

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Though there are various packages you can buy, the basic one retails at $39.95. They claim that you can get rid of acne, but frankly they use something that is the same as so many different acne treatments that you can find through prescriptions. They were apparently sick of prescriptions and yet chose to replicate them ironically enough.

The fact is that Proactiv is reported not to work for so many people, and moreover, many have complained about all the side effects common to benzoyl peroxide and greater severity than is generally associated with their concentration used. Some have claimed that their acne actually got worse, and others didn’t see any effect until they stopped and had a sudden breakout because that’s what benzoyl peroxide does.

You would be ill advised to buy Proactiv. Most who do consider it a trade off. They get rid of a little bit of acne and in return they suffer through some skin related side effects. But you don’t have to go for a trade off. You can just get the results you want without the side effects. Though most don’t realize it, of course most would largely prefer this alternative.

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Consumer Reviews on Proactiv

  1. pinas anouska Says:

    it has help me i am in suriname i bought it from beaty and home systems

  2. tim Says:

    everyone knows how terrible proactiv is. don’t waste your money on this garbage.

  3. Rose Chandler Says:

    I get Proactive for my adopted son. He is black. I put it on at night and within 20 minutes a lot of tiny skin pumps appear. By morning his face perfectly clear and lighter. By night he has several big pumps. Most pumps are only skin deep but leave dark spots/scars. His face looks badly freckled. If I stop he is real bad. What do we do. He has CP and I have to take care of his skin. He is now 15.

  4. Ashley Randal Says:

    Proactiv is ok, I used it for a year but had to stop using it because it was too strong for my skin type which result in a change in my skin colour and redness but it was ok.

  5. Kathy Says:

    Terrible it gets worse

  6. cheyenne nezat Says:

    I used proactive for only 1 week and within 12 hours, my acne had doubled in size and quantity. I highly advise you to use something else, this product is only a waist of money. By the end of that week, my face was splotchy, red, acne infested, dry, itchy, and just plain gross to bare and or look at. I skipped 3 days of school being so immbarrased of my skin after using proactive. It’s illegal to lie in commercials yet no one has noticed they do it every day. I asked my mom to sue them for the inconvinencs, money we paid, and for grievence. She looked at me funny ofcourse because she thaught i was over exaderating when ofcourse i wasn’t. DO NOT USE PROACTIVE! (P.s. sorry my speeling is bad, it’s 12 at night)

  7. Lola Grubbs Says:

    Proactiv sucks my face had cleared up from medication the dermatoligist prescribed me. I thought i didnt have to go back to the dermatologist so i decided to get proavtiv and my acne is so much worse than what it was i had to go back to the dermatologist and now my acne wont go away. DONT USE PROACTIV it sucks and willl just make your break outs worse!

  8. nicole Says:

    Don’t use proactiv its a waste of time and money. It made my acne worse! go to a dermatoligist and get them to help you(that is there job).. not everyones skin is the same so everyone should’nt be using the same product!

  9. Karen Says:

    The skin care worked well for awhile but then my skin got used to it and blemishes started up again. *My main problem is that they kept charging my credit card after I cancelled.* If you want to try it, get a 30-day get from the mall.

  10. Evelyn Says:

    Proactive did not work for me at all. In fact, after 30 days of use, my face is worse than it was. I was only trying to prevent a once in while breakout. Now, my face appears as if I hadn’t even washed it. I followed the instructions for use. This product just does not work.

  11. Ginger Says:

    My mother was using it for her adult acne and it seemed to work for her for a while, then I started to break out when I was pregnant, so she gave me some of hers that kept piling up on the recurring orders wether or not she need more or not. Anyways, did nothing for my pregnancy break outs, so I never tried it again. Now my son hit pubirty and BAM acne all over, even though neither me or my husband had teen acne at all. So, with my mom STILL having the subscription to Pro Active gave him a set. It was horrible! It made it worse and his skin was inflamed like crazy! I would never suggest anyone to waste their time or precious money on this scam of a product! Buyer BEWARE! Esecially or the on going recurring billing and shipping.

  12. Jasmine Says:

    The product and company is garbage they u send u products that are expired or due to expire into months, nor does it work. When using the product I kept breaking out with these huge pimples in my chin area. I would not recommend anyone spend there hard earned money on the product.

  13. Christine Brothers Says:

    I got this product for my daughter and the only thing that worked well was its ability to leave bleached out spots on my towels. I returned the last shipment and had to threaten the company with complaints to the better business and attorney general. The product did not work for my daughter and the company did not work for my respect.

  14. Sharri Says:

    I have used Proactive since 1997. Only once did I quit using it, as I am an adult, and was hoping that my acne issues were gone. Within a few months my acne had returned….with a vengence. I went back on Proactive, my face cleared up, and I will never quit again. I have 4 children, now also all adults. We all use it. We all love it. THANK YOU PROACTIVE!! You help me FACE my days!

  15. Treva Says:

    Uh hello people it’s common knowledge (and if you bothered reading their website) it gets worse before it gets better. It brings all your acne that is hiding under your skin to the surface and gets rid of them, then it starts to prevent the acne. I’ve been using proactiv for over a year and I love it. I’ve had absolutely no side effects and I have completely clear skin. You also have to use the system exactly as it tells you to otherwise it will not work.

  16. auston totton Says:

    I tried a few others for my grandson, but he says this is the best so far.

  17. pat Says:

    I am an africian-American women. I have acne-oily skin . I have used proactiv for years and it really helped with my acne problem that got worse in my adult years. Prior to using Proactiv, I had been to doctors, tried a variety of other acne products. Proactiv has worked the best for me.

  18. Gillian Says:

    Proactive is okay 🙂 I’m switching to X out though, because being a teen I feel like that will work better, and the 3 steps of proactive don’t work the best but you should all try there refining mask that u can leve on lover night because it is fabulous!!!!

  19. take yermoney Says:

    this product is a scam—it did not work on my sons face but the worst part about this program is they keep charging you even after you close your account. It is very misleading because i asked for only the trial size and they sent me the product without my consent the day after the garantee expired. Be very careful, they will charge you, and continue to charge you even after a complaiint. It is very misleading and misrepresented. I hope someone will learn from reading this and the mistake I made.

  20. Latasha Thomison Says:

    Its great ive been using it for a while now and when i use itlike im suppouse to it work great. The thing is that Its just hard trying to keep up on your pruducts.Yeah i love it alotbut just wish that it wasnt so expenisive, i would understand if they had some coupons to help pay for it.

  21. Malinda Degarmo Says:

    I have never used proactive. I am eager to see what it can do for me. Everything that I have tried so far has not worked at all.

  22. meghan lambert Says:

    I was. Very satisfied with proactive product

  23. meghan lambert Says:

    I think proactive works really well it leaves my skin feel so soft

  24. Shanette Isaac Says:

    It works very well.

  25. Flora2 Says:

    I used ProActiv a while back and it was not a pleasant experience. My skin burned, itched, turned red. And on top of all that, it was abnormally dry [shocking because I’ve never had dry skin in my life].

    I desperately needed something to get rid of my acne [which was located mostly on my forhead area] … ProActiv was terrible, as I mentioned before. So I decided to buy the Citrus Clear Sensitive Kit (Face Wash & Moisturizer), and this was the best decision ever. I noticed results as soon as 2-3 days. My acne is all gone now. It’s only 2 steps, whereas ProActiv was 3. My skin is great right now

  26. Mari Says:

    Your company has just stolen from my credit account as of September 1 2014 in the amount of $70.69. Im calling the police and hiring a lawyer to sue this company. As of September 2nd because today is a holiday. I will have a lawyer as well as my credit company and the police addressing this issue. I will be contacting Pro Active as soon as you open tomorrow morning.
    You are the most unprofessional company that I’ve ever dealt with.
    I attempted to happily purchase Proactive on August 12th 2014.
    Your sales agent was very pleasant. We agreed upon a promotion that totaled $19.00 and some change.
    I called back on August 19th to get an idea of when my product would arrive. The customer service agent told me that they didn’t have my order in stock. That i was placed on back order. If I hadn’t called to check on my order i would have never known. I was quoted another 10 days for arrival. 10 days passed and i called to see when the product would arrive. I was told by the new Customer Service Agent that my account had been deleted and no credit card transaction ever took place. I was irate I asked to speak to the supervisor or manager. I informed the manager that I wanted nothing to do with this company ever again. I DON”T want a re order
    Please delete from your system entirely. The manager assured me everything was deleted and taken care of.

    I never received anything from this company but lies and confusion. This has been the worst experience I’ve ever had with a “Professional” company. I don’t want to have anything to do with Pro Active.

    Once again As of today September 1st i was charged on my credit card account the amount of $70.69. WHY did this happen.
    I made a grave mistake in ever thinking of using your product.

    As I stated earlier I will be contacting you the moment you open tomorrow. I’ve contacted the police as well as my lawyer and my credit card company.
    You should be ashamed.
    People trust you and see you as professionals.

    I would appreciate a phone call early tomorrow morning , putting a end to this problem.

    I now have to cancel my credit card because Pro Active steals. You are thieves.

    I expect a phone call and email addressing this issue as soon as possible.
    Thank you

  27. olivegravel Says:

    Mari, we don’t sell this product and are not in any way affiliated with Proactive. We’re just a review site. Sorry to hear you had a bad experience; thank you for letting us know.

  28. Susan Says:

    Their “customer service” is non-existent!!! Beware, if you try to cancel they continue to send product and charge your card, then make you jump through hoops to get a refund. When you try to call all they do is tell you to do more steps, the burden is on you to get it settled. DON’T use this product unless you want major hassles when you want to stop.

  29. Octehvion Says:

    Good to use when u have acne

  30. newyorker12 Says:

    Proactive did not work for my daughter. She has sensitive skin and it made her face red and did not help with acne. She started using the Citrus Clear organic products about two months ago, and her skin has gradually improved month over month. My husband uses Citrus Clear as well for his adult acne, and they both rave about Citrus Clear. After trying so many other acne products unsuccessfully including Proactiv + , it was relief to find something that actually works.

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