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Panoxyl is an acne wash using a 10% concentration of benzoyl peroxide. However, they also give you an available bar that only uses 5%. These bars are to be used in the shower or the sink, and they claim it will reduce your acne rather quickly. It is featured on sites like Acne.org for a general evaluation. It’s also fairly affordable as compared to other treatments in general.

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Benzoyl peroxide does work for a certain number of people. In the higher concentration of 10%, it is more likely to produce more significant results for simple reasons, it has a higher concentration. However, users have complained about dryness, redness, a negative smell, sensitivity to the sun, and otherwise. This is because of the effective, yet harmful amounts of benzoyl peroxide.

Unfortunately, we’ve also seen multiple reports that it does not work. It is sold through CVS pharmacies and Walmart, so there are plenty of people who have purchased it. However, it is not surprising that many are not actually happen with the results or lack thereof. There are reports of success. However, we have found only a few.

We would not recommend using Panoxyl. It doesn’t have the right stuff for greater success, and it won’t help you to get rid of your acne in general. Panoxyl comes with quite a few risks and side effects, and you would be far better advised to stay away from it and effectively speaking choose something else.

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Consumer Reviews on Panoxyl

  1. caryn Says:

    have used panoxyl 5% for 40 years, first as panoxyl rx now as benzoyl peroxide gel 5% (hydro not aquas)rx best product on the market have tried other rx along the way this is the best!!!

  2. bob Says:

    The ads on this page are a joke; ignore them. Products like PanOxyl are effective and approved by the FDA because they work and with minimal side effects – unless you are a derm you shouldn’t publish poor guidance like this

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