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Apparently, Neostrata is supposed to be the leader in AHA treatments and therapy. They have various treatment options, including what is referred to as their acne regimen kit. It is apparently a line to help you to deal with problematic skin and they even provide a 4 piece “try me?kit with smaller bottles and a cheaper price as compared to what they would normally charge. It has a facial cleanser using triclosan, an oil control gel, an acne spot treatment gel, and otherwise.

Price: $32.00

AHA’s in general have been known to cause side effects such as redness, irritation, sensitivity to the sun, and dermatitis. Triclosan is also capable of these problems, even though it is not commonly associated with treating acne. They use another active ingredient known as salicylic acid, which is gentle and does not cause side effects. But then again, with triclosan as well as all the other preservatives they have, it would just contribute to an existing problem.

The reality is that in the concentrations they use, these ingredients do not actually fight acne. They will definitely harm the skin, and with some of the other ingredients, they may also clog the pores, effectively making acne worse. So this is obviously not a formula that will help you to see greater results.

We would not recommend using Neostrata. It doesn’t have the right formula for greater success, and it will in all likelihood only make your acne worse while also damaging your skin. You would be far better off using something else. Neostrata is something not to choose.

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