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Epiduo is a prescription acne treatment that claims that your only choice is prescription. This is because apparently acne is a medical condition, even in minor forms, and so it can only be treated with prescriptions. Our question would be how many “medical conditions” have actually been treated successfully without a prescription, and moreover how many acne specific ingredients are found in both prescription and over the counter products.

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The main ingredients of Epiduo are adapalene and benzoyl peroxide. These are both extremely common ingredients found both in other prescriptions and in the case of benzoyl peroxide, in plenty of other over the counter products. Amounts in other products range from 5-10% for those that work. However, interestingly enough Epiduo uses only 2.5% for concentration. That is not only not effective, you could find something more effective in an over the counter product again using 5-10%.

The side effects are severe and common with Epiduo. They use 2 ingredients that are well known for being irritants, and they make no apologies about it, nor do they really talk about it honestly speaking. It doesn’t have the right effect that you are looking for, and you would be much better off looking for something else just to avoid the side effects alone.

This product may be a prescription, but it really shouldn’t be. They try to eliminate the competition by making blatantly false claims about what your acne can and would do in general terms, and they ironically don’t even use the right amounts of ingredient that would work abnormally well, let alone without side effects. We would recommend using something else.

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Consumer Reviews on Epiduo

  1. Kathy Says:

    Hate this cream!! Dermotologist prescribed it to me again, and my face is inflamed, raw and very painful. Don’t use it, you can by OTC products that are much better and less harsh.

  2. marion Says:

    Im using epiduo it do nothing for my acne and my acne doctor gave me to try it’s not working for m
    I also uses aczone as a treatment to both product do not work for me . Thanks

  3. emily Says:

    hmmmm, i use this every night and i see great results over night! how much are you using?

  4. Stephanie Says:

    I asked my Doctor for something for my acne. I never had acne growing up and I’m 38 and was starting to get chin breakouts. She gave me samples of Epiduo and it was AMAZING!! What wasn’t amazing was what my insurance wanted me to pay for it. $250.00. I was so bummed. It really worked! I have very sensitive skin and this was great!! Now I have to try something else 🙁

  5. Christina Says:

    I was prescribed Epiduo and have no complaints about it. I love it! So far it’s working great! My face is really oily and since I’ve started using this cream its taken a lot of that away.

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