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Clarisonic Pro

Clarisonic Pro
Clarisonic Pro is the professional model in Clarisonic’s line of skincare brushes. These brushes make use of sonic technology to cleanse and smooth troubled skin.

Clarisonic is one of the most popular sonic brush skincare products available. Clarisonic’s website and third-party sellers alike have hundreds of reviews praising the Clarisonic. Is the Clarisonic an effective skincare product? Read on to find out.

Sonic Brush Technology

Developed by the same people who invented Sonicare toothbrushes, the Clarisonic takes advantage of sonic movement to create a deeper clean. The movement of the brush is a back-and-forth oscillation. The oscillation works with the skin’s elasticity to coax sebum out of pores. [1]

According to the Clarisonic website, the Clarisonic brush moves at a speed of 300 movements per second.

The brush cleans 6 times more effectively and removes twice the dirt and makeup than hands alone. The website includes before and after photos of models with fluorescent makeup to show how much residue is left over from simple hand washing versus washing with a Clarisonic. There is a noticeable difference: Clarisonic leaves almost no residue while hands leave behind quite a bit.

Clarisonic Pro Features

Clarisonic Pro has all the available features of a Clarisonic product.


The T-timer helps you more thoroughly cleanse the T-zone on the face (forehead, nose and chin). This area tends to secrete more sebum and need more cleansing than the cheeks. The T-timer beeps after every interval: 20 seconds for the forehead, 20 seconds for the nose and chin, and 10 seconds for each cheek. In one minute, you’ve cleansed the entire face.

Speed Settings

There are 4 speeds available: low, normal, high, and pro. The different speeds allow a more customizable approach to skin care. If your skin is having a bad day or a bad breakout, you can use the slower setting. If you want to exfoliate, use the pro setting.

Body Mode

With normal and pulse mode, body mode is a unique experience for your skin. Simply attach the body brush (which comes with most Clarisonic Pros) and cleanse the body in small circles, just like you would on the face. It exfoliates gently and is great for dry elbows and feet.

Charging Cradle

The charging cradle matches the color of the Clarisonic Pro. It helps dry out the brush while charging it for its next use. Each charge should keep the Clarisonic going for 28 minutes, but you can also use the cradle as a stand and keep it there all the time.


The Clarisonic Pro comes with the best warranty: 3 years. Other products have 2 or 1 year warranties. Your Clarisonic is guaranteed to work for 3 years or Clarisonic will fix/replace it.

Compare Clarisonic Pro to Other Clarisonic Products

The Clarisonic Pro has the most features on any Clarisonic product. Accordingly, it is a little more expensive than other Clarisonic brushes. However, if you’re looking for the highest quality product, the Clarisonic Pro would be for you.

Clarisonic Mia is the most basic model of the Clarisonic product line. It has one speed and one button. As the most basic model, it costs around $120 dollars.

Clarisonic Mia 2 is the second most basic model. It comes in more colors and has 2 speeds. The Mia also includes a timer that helps you wash more acne-prone parts of your face. It costs around $150 dollars.

Clarisonic Aria is the newest addition to the Clarisonic line. It is just as compact as the Mia models but has 3 speeds. It also has a magnetic charger with a USB adapter. The Aria costs around $200.

Clarisonic PLUS has almost as many features as the Pro. It features the charging cradle, a body mode, and a 2-year warranty. Unlike the Pro, it only has 3 speeds: low, normal, and high. The PLUS costs around $225.

Clarisonic Pro has all the features of all the Clarisonic products plus those listed in the Features section. It costs $225, the same as a Clarisonic PLUS.

Consumer Reviews

Clarisonic Pro, like all the Clarisonic products, consistently receives positive reviews on third-party sites. Customers love how their skin looks and feels.

“I watched a couple of reviews of the Clarisonic products on television including a ‘try it before you buy it.’ All were positive so I decided to give it a try. I am so happy with how well this works. My skin feels incredible and just knowing how clean I am getting it is wonderful. It has a one minute timer and beeps & briefly pauses so you change locations every 15 seconds. It is waterproof so you can use it in the shower. Can’t recommend this highly enough. Money well spent.” – Kathleen, Amazon.com

“I was introduced to this product when I went for a facial a few months ago. I use the cleanser that I purchased from the spa, and every day that I use this, I feel like I’ve gotten an amazing deep cleanse of my face. I have oily/ acne prone skin so a clean feel is much better. It hasn’t helped much with my breakouts, or that I’ve noticed, but I love this thing. Very easy to use and understand too!” – C. Goodrich, Amazon.com

Our Opinion

For the price, Clarisonic Pro might be a little excessive. However, for those who are obsessed with skincare (in a good way) and already spend hundreds of dollars on products, the Pro might be a less expensive option.

Thousands of people are satisfied with Clarisonic products; you just have to decide if it fits into your budget and your skincare needs.


[1] Akridge RE, Pilcher KA. “Development of sonic technology for the daily cleansing of the skin.”. Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology. Jun 2006l 5(2):181-3. Available from: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/?term=clarisonic

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