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Clarisonic Line

Clarisonic Line

Clarisonic says its Sonic Cleansing System and Sonic Infusion System promote better, healthier skin.

On Clarisonic.com Kathy K. says, “My skin actually feels like it can breathe, something ordinary cleansing missed the mark on. Despite purchasing expensive cleaners and other products in the past, the Clarisonic not only does the job as described by the results are visible with deep-down pore cleansing being noticeable.”

Is the Clarisonic line everything it is advertised to be? I’ll take you through the two systems and what customers are saying about them.

The Sonic Skin Cleansing System

According to Clarisonic, the Sonic Skin Cleansing System is the “#1 cleansing brush recommended by skin care professionals.”

Moving at 300 movements per second, the Sonic Skin Cleansing System is advertised to clean skin 6x better than manual cleaning in just 60 seconds.

The Sonic Skin Cleansing system is safe for all skin types and can be used with any non-abrasive cleanser. It can also be used all over the body with the body brush head. The battery lasts 30 minutes and is waterproof for use in the shower or tub.

Sonic Skin Cleansing System Options

There are 4 different Sonic Skin Cleansing Systems; they come in many colors and range in price from $119-$235.

The Clarisonic Mia is a compact option for at-home or travel use. It has 1 speed option and is the smallest cleansing system. The Clarisonic Mia Kit comes with a charger, sensitive brush head, and a 1 oz. trial size Refreshing Gel Cleanser.

The Clarisonic Mia 2 is travel friendly. It has 2 speeds. The Clarisonic Mia 2 kit comes with a charger, sensitive brush head, 1 oz. trial size cleanser, and protective travel case.

The Clarisonic Aria is the newest cleansing system. It has 3 speeds, a battery life indicator, and a USB charging option. The Clarisonic Aria kit comes with a travel bag, normal brush head, drying stand, USB enabled charger, wall adapter, sensitive brush head, and 1 oz. trial size Refreshing Gel Cleanser.

The Clarisonic Plus is sonic cleansing for the face and body with 3 speeds. The Clarisonic Plus kit comes with a travel bag, normal brush head, universal charging cradle, sensitive brush head, body brush head, 1 oz. trial size Refreshing Gel Cleanser, and 2 oz. trial size Refining Skin Polish.

All Sonic Skin Cleansing Systems come with a free personal engraving.

Clarisonic Cleansers for the Sonic Cleansing System

While any facial cleanser can be used with the Sonic Cleansing System, Clarisonic offers a line of Cleansers. They range in price from $25-$27. Here is an overview of what they are advertised to do.

The Refining Skin Polish is said to be an intensive body exfoliating soap for all skin types. The main ingredient in this cleanser is green tea. Studies show green tea is an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory that can be used for a variety of skin disorders. [1]

The Gentle Hydro Cleanser is meant for sensitive skin. It’s advertised as a non-foaming cleanser that removes impurities. The main ingredient in this cleanser is algae & aloe vera gel. Animal studies show algae gel reduces oxidative stress and irritation. [2] In humans, aloe vera protects skin against UV radiation, reduces inflammation, and moisturizes. [3]

The Refreshing Gel Cleanser is designed for oily skin and supposedly clarifies, relieves, and protects. The main ingredient in this cleanser is salicylic acid. Salicylic acid is effective in treating acne, even in small amounts. However, it may cause mild irritation. [4]

The Acne Daily Clarifying Cleanser is best for acne-prone skin. It’s said to prevent new acne and unclog pores. The main ingredients in this cleanser are salicylic acid and vitamin C. Studies show there is a positive correlation between vitamin C and acne. [5]

The Deep Pore Daily Cleanser is for enlarged pores and oily skin. Clarisonic claims it is clinically proven to reduce the appearance of pores. The main ingredient in this cleanser is a fruit acid trio, or glycolic acid. Studies show small concentrations of glycolic acid relieve acne and shrink pores. [6]

Customer Reviews for the Sonic Skin Cleansing System

Clarisonic.com customers give the Sonic Skin Cleansing System a 4.6 out of 5 rating.

Tammy shared, “In less than 2 week I feel and see a difference. After the first time my skin felt softer… The more I used it 2 a day, I see my pores getting smaller and a healthy glow in my skin…..”

Bbong agreed, “I have to say I love this product so much. I can’t live without it now. I have to admit that I do have great skin but after using this product, my skin is glowing. Many of my friends asked me what am I doing with my skin these days.”

Aaaa thinks, “ I broke out worse than I ever have in my life! My skin type is oily, sensitive, acne prone. I used the Mia 2 for a month thinking my skin would get better. It didn’t. It has been 5 months since I purchased it and am barely starting to get my newfound acne under control. I saw the reviews warning of this and took the chance. Be careful!!!!”

Lory shares, “I purchased my clairsonic 1.5 months ago.it needed chargingso I plugged it in and it hasn’t worked since.it worked great until that point.I would not recommend purchasing one it should last much longer that a month anda half for the price they charge.I will be purchasing a less expensive option.”

The Opal Sonic Infusion System

According to Clarisonic, “the Clarisonic Opal Sonic Infusion System is a breakthrough in eye care.”

The Opal Sonic Infusion System uses Anti-Aging Sea Serum to supposedly hydrate skin and leave it noticeably firmer after 2 weeks.

The Opal Sonic Infusion System is said to be gentle enough for daily use and can be layered with any eye cream.

Opal Sonic Infusion Options

The Opal Sonic Infusion System costs $185 and comes in 3 colors: black, white, and red.

The Opal Sonic Infusion System comes with a 0.5 oz. bottle Anti-Aging Sea Serum, 2 applicator tips, and a universal charger.

Every Opal Sonic Infusion System also comes with a free personal engraving.

The Anti-Aging Sea Serum

While any eye cream can be used with the Opal Sonic Infusion System, Clarisonic recommends using its Anti-Aging Sea Serum.

The Anti-Aging Sea Serum is advertised to target fine lines and puffiness around eyes, leaving the skin feeling hydrated and refreshed.

The main ingredients in this serum are marine extracts and sea minerals. In vitro studies show marine extracts protect against UV radiation and oxidative stress. [7] A study done on 20 mature women proves sea minerals have a smoothing and firming effect on skin. [8]

Customer Reviews for the Opal Sonic Infusion System

Clarisonic.com customers give the Opal Sonic Infusion System a 4.3 out of 5 rating.

JeanM shared, “Since using this product, there is a noticeable difference around my eye area. I have also received several compliments regarding how young I look (at 64 years old, a compliment like this brought a smile to my face). I highly recommend the Clarisonic Opal as well as the serum.”

Debtheweb disagreed, “I don’t think this works as well as they claim. I wouldn’t spend the money on it!”

Special Sets and Programs

Clarisonic offers lots of savings and packages. For example, certain colors of Sonic Skin Cleansing Systems come with more free brush heads and cleanser samples than other Sonic Skin Cleansing System colors.

There are online summer exclusives and Mia gift bundles where you can save 10% when you buy three or more Mia systems. You also save $10 when you buy brush heads in pairs.

To see all the offers in more detail, visit the special sets and programs page under the “Shop” tab on Clarisonic.com.

There is also a Sonic Savings automatic delivery subscription. This would be a great option if you replace brush heads every month. Here are the details:

• Automatically receive a new shipment of selected item
• Receive a 20% discount off the regular price
• Get free ground shipping on every Sonic Savings program shipment
• Pay for each order only when your item is shipped
• Have the option to cancel at any time

The Clarisonic Guarantee

There is a 100% money-back guarantee. This guarantee covers the Sonic Skin Cleansing Systems and the Sonic Infusion Systems. It does not cover any cleansers or serums purchased. To make a return, customer service can be reached at 888.525.2747.

More About Clarisonic

The company that created Clarisonic is called Pacific Bioscience Laboratories Inc. The company started in 2001 and is based in Washington.

After reviewing them, the Better Business Bureau gave them an A.

There have been 20 complaints against Pacific Bioscience in the last 3 years, all of which have been resolved. Most of the complaints involved problems with product or service.

Should You Invest in Clarisonic?

The Clarisonic Line is expensive, there is no question there. Even if you don’t buy the line of cleansers, you will still be spending hundreds of dollars on the system alone.

However, customer reviews suggest the results are worth the price. The systems are covered under a guarantee. So, if it doesn’t work for you, you can get your money back.


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