AssoBar is the ultimate bar soap using pure 24k gold in the mix. They claim to give you the luxury and the secret to youth used by queens, empresses, and celebrities before you. Apparently, people have in the past paid hundreds of dollars to get this soap while also waiting on a 6 month waiting list just to get a chance to use it in all possibilities. They make various other claims about it and its ability to reduce inflammation, reduce wrinkles, and of course eliminate acne.

Price: $24.00

AssoBar does have 24k gold, which is a luxury and improvement on its own. Gold actually works as a powerful antioxidant which kills off free radicals and otherwise helps you to achieve the greater results you are looking for in general. This gold will kill off free radicals and bacteria that may be harming your skin without doing further damage or hurting your skin as something like benzoyl peroxide would for example.

In addition, they actually have other ingredients that would actively repair skin, reduce inflammation, and otherwise completely eliminate acne in general. They will leave your skin soft, beautiful, and glowing rather than acne prone, red, and greasy among other things. Each bar could last for extended periods of time and give you the results in general that you are looking for.

AssoBar has the right ingredients for acne fighting success and general skincare. It will give you everything you are looking for, and you can get the benefits you need in general terms. AssoBar stands out above others without question and will give you everything you want and things you didn’t expect in general terms. AssoBar is so well made that, they are known for being the best acne soap.

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Consumer Reviews on AssoBar

  1. Bryan Says:

    I was extremely disappointed with this product. It lasted only one week! I think it’s ridiculous to pay that price for a bar of soap that lasts for such a short period. I’d recommend looking into something else if I were you.

    I also tried getting in touch with their customer service and never got a response back. I emailed them at least once a week for three weeks and never so much as received an acknowledgement that they had received my email.

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