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Acnezine is a treatment that is apparently meant to work within days. It is produced by Revitol, and they claim it will work for adults and teenagers alike, eliminate spots, pimples, redness, pus, blackheads, and whiteheads, clear existing breakouts, prevent future acne breakouts, and work as a fast and effective treatment from the inside out. They even claim to be featured on MSN, CNN, Fox, and MSNBC.

Price: $39.95

They first of all use a free trial offer. This basically means that they are going to send you an auto ship program after the first few days if you don’t call to cancel first, and if you cancel, they will then charge you the price for that one bottle anyway. That way they always get their overpriced money. But it also means that they couldn’t make sales if they didn’t. Essentially speaking, they have to trick you into buying their product, because you never would otherwise. They also use restocking fees to avoid really having to give you your money back.

The second part is their formula or rather lack thereof. They don’t have the right ingredients. They have a few B vitamins, but they are largely inconsequential if you don’t have a deficiency or if they don’t have the right combination. None of their other ingredients are acne fighting ingredients at all, nor would they have any relation to fighting your acne either from the inside or out.

We would not recommend using Acnezine. It doesn’t have the right approach in any way, and they know very well it won’t work or they wouldn’t feel the need to use the faulty advertising tactics that they do. There are so many signs that this formula is a scam, it’s ridiculous. We hope you stay far away from Acnezine.

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Consumer Reviews on Acnezine

  1. john Says:

    Yes, I have. For more than 2 years but it only clear my skin for like 6 months straight AFTER using it more than 6 months, I stop using it for 6 months figuring it wont come back, but it came back with vengeance!! Bigger and worst, so I ordered, another 6 months…and now its “clearing” up..but it does not really clear blemishes and I only have mild acne..all these acnezine reviews are paid online..in total I been on it for more than 2 years…i started having acne 4 years ago. I wouldnt be suprised if some of these other products are the same people.

  2. john Says:

    oh and I cannot find any answers or reviews on a very important question..” How long should one use it?” Acnezine refuses to give any testimonies or comment..they only say, “ask your dermatologist”..they ought help us and advise us or give us a some lead…..

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