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Acne Free

Acne Free

Acne Free is the best known alternative to the popular Proactiv, or rather the best known imitator. It sells through grocery stores and Walmarts across the country, and their commercials generally use ordinary people rather than celebrities for advertisement as well as the idea that they have conducted various clinical trials and found that their product is actually more effective than Proactiv in general terms because of time release technology.

Price: $19.95

Acne Free is certainly a cheaper product than Proactiv, and it’s basically the same product. It has the same active ingredients, the same basic formula, and the same 3 steps. So in a society all about value for your money, it’s definitely better than Proactiv. However, in terms of results again it has the same formulas, the same active ingredients, and otherwise. Essentially, it’s the same thing, it’s no better at all.

Frankly, just like Proactiv, it will probably cause redness, irritation, peeling, an otherwise. However, there are some differences, because we’ve noticed that there are actually some consumers who complain about side effects that they never experienced when they were using Proactiv. However, considering the fact that we have not actually seen any reports of better results, we are obviously inclined to believe that there are no better results at this time.

The only thing that makes Acne Free apparently different is the presence of greater side effects as far as we can tell. It doesn’t provide you with the greater results you are looking for, and it doesn’t give you anything new in general. We would not be at all impressed with Acne Free, and we would highly suggest staying away from this particular formula.

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Consumer Reviews on Acne Free

  1. Dawn Borski Says:

    I have just started to use the product and my face has been sensitive to stuff before and gotten dry and peeled, but this has not caused any of that after 3 days so I am pretty sure that it will be fine… and my complexion is much clearer. I would give it a 8.

  2. barbie Says:

    Made my skin breakout more than before using product. DONOT USE. also caused dar red bubbly scarring on my face from pimples that it never cleared.

  3. Ashley Randal Says:

    Well, i have been using this product for a couple for years now and it has been working even though there are side effects to it but its a good enough product.
    , I guess.

  4. Janine Says:

    I’ve only used the exfoliating cleanser out of this product line. I’m an esthetician, so I’ve tried many products. My skin is prone to clogging and break-outs, so this cleanser is great for exfoliating dead skin as well as make-up removal. I always use on a face cloth to get the best cleaning. As with all Benzoyl Peroxide or Salicylic products, over-use may dry and redden your skin. Use in moderation 3-4 times per week, and always follow with an oil-free moisturizer. Alternate with a soothing cleanser such as Cetaphil, on the days that you’re dry or irritated. Cleanse with your bare hands gently on the days that you have any active acne, or sore breakouts. Good luck!

  5. Amanda Says:

    This product actually worked very well for me. After about a week my skin was smooth, and within about 2 weeks my complexion was brighter. Overall my skin was as clear as it had ever been and I’m was very happy with the results. Although, I did stop using it for a while to try something else and my skin broke out again, but as soon as I started using it again, it cleared my skin up just as well as the first time. The side effects were not so bad for me. I just had a bit of dryness, but eventually that will stop. So if you are skeptical, don’t be. Just use it and stick with it. It will work. 🙂

  6. Chris Says:

    I’ve used ProActive & AcneFree before and ACNEFREE WORKS BETTER. Proactive made me breakout even more but Acnefree cleared up my skin. Unfortunately it’s really hard to find in Canada.

  7. Rada Says:

    I used acnefree for about a week and stopped, because it burnt my face, made it super dry and caused more break outs. Do not buy this. Aweful stuff!!!!

  8. elle Says:

    best product…i started breaking out in 2008 when i started using makeup… i have a lot of both expensive and affordable product and non of them help. i bought acnefree terminator (acne and blackhead) and the sulfur mask a month ago at 99 cents store and my face is cleared

  9. LiAn Says:

    I find Acne Free to be a the best formula I’ve used, but I wouldn’t suggest using it in 12 hour increments if your skin is sensitive (like mine). When I used it on that time frame, my acne got a little better, but after about five days, my face started getting really irritated, and it started flaking. I started using it in increments of 18-24 hours, and my acne cleared up much more, and my face was no longer irritated.
    Another issue I have with it is that the suggested amount of the first solution, was too much for my skin to handle. I would suggest using it in pea sized amounts and lather it a little with water.
    That’s just my opinion, and I’m not here to throw Acne Free under the bus. Again, I have sensitive skin, and results vary from one user to another.

  10. Debbie Says:

    I’m a 49-year-old woman who started getting adult acne from hormonal changes. I never had acne when I was younger. I tried Proactive, which worked, but it didn’t last long and it was way too expensive. I decided to give Acne Free a shot last week after a major breakout. it was the worst I’ve ever had. To my surprise, within two days my skin started to clear up. it’s been a week and the acne is just about gone. My face is totally smooth and its also working on the red marks. They’re getting lighter and lighter every day. This stuff is amazing and for the price you can’t beat it! I paid $19 at Walgreens and it’s even cheaper at Walmart. I’ve tried everything including topical antibiotics which didn’t work nearly as good as this stuff. Do yourself a favor and try Acne Free. You won’t be sorry! 🙂

  11. Rachel Says:

    I’m 27 and have suffered from acne since about 15 years old. I started using the acne free sensitive skin system 2 days ago and it has already cleared most my acne, I’m shocked when I looked in the mirror today because I can actually see my face. I didn’t want to leave my apartment when my skin got really bad, it also made me assume everyone was staring at the grossness of my skin, or thought I was unhygenic. One person asked me if I was on meth, because I have the smile lines of a 27 year old, but the acne of a 15 year old. But my skin already looks a lot better, before a few days ago, every single pore on my face was a pimple (no thanx to noxema, that made it worse). The only thing not great about it is the slight feeling of a strong sensation, not quite like burning, but you are definitely aware of your face tingling a lot. But if it takes away my wretched acne, I’ll take it. I would recommend this to people of any age. I wish I had this when I was 15.

  12. jan cook Says:

    well lets just say i’m not thrilled with it since i have bought 3 of these all because after a couple weeks the brush just stopped work!!! changed batteries & all & it just nothing works!

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