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Acne Free Severe

Acne Free Severe

Acne Free Severe is a different form of Acne Free. They claim it will actually treat more severe cases of acne to give you the results in general that you are looking for without the hassle and with better overall results than Proactiv or for that matter their original formula. Acne Free Severe uses an extra ingredient, and they continue to sell in various grocery stores and otherwise to help you to get ease of access that you also want.

Price: $29.95

Essentially speaking, with Acne Free Severe, you end up paying $10 more to get an added amount of retinol. Retinol is actually a powerful ingredient. It can help you to get the results you are looking for by essentially speeding the rate at which your skin cells turnover in general. This keeps the pores from getting as clogged, and it has various other mechanisms of action as far as we can tell.

However, the addition of this one ingredient will not make the difference with most cases of acne. It causes the same side effects as the original benzoyl peroxide in general, and of course, they have other ingredients that can present the same problems. This formula is realistically no better than the original or for that matter is it any better than Proactiv in general.

The only benefit of Acne Free Severe is the cheaper price. That’s the nature of the market. Somebody is always eventually offering a better price. However, they do not actually give you anything more impressive than the original, and some would say that it is actually worse than the original. Acne Free Severe is not the product you want, and we highly recommend staying away from it at this point in time.

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Consumer Reviews on Acne Free Severe

  1. Mandy Says:

    Do not use this product! I used it 3 times and now I have a severe chemical burn on my face. It also didnt clear up my acne at all Never ever again!! Im going back to proactiv once my face heals!

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