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When cleansers irritate and inflame acne, Acnepril gets to the problem's source. This oral acne treatment balances hormones, detoxes your skin, and gets rid of acne for good! See why users rave about Acnepril by trying it yourself.

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Accutane is the best known prescription acne treatment in the world. It has been used to treat only the most severe cases of acne, and its prescription form essentially works by drying out the skin and stopping oil production. They have been known to give you results quite literally when others have been unable to, and it has also been used to treat severe forms of acne such as acne conglobata that other treatments wouldn’t even begin to affect.

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Extreme things in general do not come without a cost and this is only used for extreme cases for a reason. While it does work for some individuals, like any other treatment it does not work for everybody. Oil is a very small part of acne in general, and moreover, your skin and body need oil to some degree for greater functioning. So removing all of that could actually make your acne worse.

But the big thing for many is all the side effects. Side effects are rather prevalent with Accutane and can affect your skin of course. But they can also affect your eyes, joints, hair, and even cause serious birth defects. Many have found Accutane to be daunting, which is not really a big surprise all things considered. We would be daunted too.

We would not recommend using Accutane. It doesn’t give you the results you want exactly, and it can cause quite serious problems to say the least. It is not among those to choose at all, and many have already experienced problems concerning it. Its results are slow, and its side effects last a lifetime in some cases.

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Consumer Reviews on Accutane

  1. hector Says:

    it works, but as I stop using it my acne strikes again. I’m now 22 and don’t know what else to do.

  2. joe Says:

    Used accutane 15 years ago, permanent hair loss, eye impairment. No improvement in acne.

  3. Heather Says:

    I used Accutane when I was 19. I had to sign a waiver that I would not get pregnant due to such serious birth defects this medicine causes. It worked great and my acne disappeared…while I took it. You were only alowed to take it for 4 months due to the damage it can cause your liver. When I stopped Accutane after the four months, I was left with 9 cavities! I had never had a cavity in my life and now had 9! Because Accutane stops the oil production on your face it also stops you from producing saliva. Then to top it all off, about a month later, the acne came back. Horrible medication, definitely not worth the side effects!

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